Giant 4' wooded hand carved key with original sample hanging off. 
 Hand painted target with custom arrows for Disney's "Brave" movie launch.
 Custom gift wrapped bicycle for Target Christmas TV campaign. 
 Hand made faux fresh pasta sheets for Williams & Sonoma spring 2013 windows.
 Custom designed laser cut chandeliers in 2 sizes for the Disney store  grand opening, Time Square, NY.
 Part of a series of hand cut felt silhouettes for the remodel of the Disney Store, Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA.
 Giant hand carved and painted cupcakes and cherry for JVH photo shoot.
 20' tall interlocking tree/table with paper birds and holiday decor for AT&T flagship store, Chicago.
 5' tall illuminated acrylic frosted "crystals" in custom made stands.
 Bendable paper spike wall. Wall is 10'h x 20' long with 4" long spikes. Global Shop Trade show, Las Vegas, NV.
 25' tall "lamp". Made of hand shredded crinoline.
 5' and 8' hand cut paper lanterns.
 Giant origami  and paper dress for JVH photo shoot.
 Custom made oversized pear. Hand painted plaster covered foam.
 3' x 4' giant wooden blocks for the Disney store, Anaheim, CA.
 Wooden American flag sandwich board for True Religion. 
 Custom made rocking horses for Jannie & Jack.
 5' diameter wreath for Joseph Banks.
 3' diameter faux flower balls for Macy's.
 Free standing flowers for Macy's.
 Hand made and painted foam mushrooms.
 Snowflake and paper flower clusters for Sephora.
 Hand turned wooden base lamp.
 Prototype flower fragrance tester ring for Sephora.
 Hand dyed ostrich feather light fixture.
 Frozen chandelier jewelry display.
 To scale diorama for Global Shop trade show, 2014.
 Chandelier covered in GUESS jeans and chains. For all GUESS stores.
 Modular re-shapable chipboard pentagons.
 Chipboard "cage" tube in front of flexible crinoline wall.
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