Lace headdress enhanced with crystals, pearls and rhinestones.
 Hand painted inner facing orchid hat. 
 Hand painted inner facing orchid hat. 
 Foam ombre butterfly hat/comb.
 Mirrored collar piece.
 Lace headpiece. Hand painted and enhanced with crystals and rhinestones.
 Hand cut and hand painted flower inner facing collar piece.
 Hand cut foam flower hat enhancer. 
 Gear hat enhancer.
 Paper wig with self illuminating hair crystals and eye mask.
 Dogwood laurel with gold mylar ferns.
 Hand cut foam flower hat enhancer.
 3' diameter hand painted innerfacing rose hat.
 Gold leaf laurel. 
 Hand shaped resin collar piece with snow flocking.
 4' tall paper Marie Antoinette wig, with hand made flowers, butterflies, flowers and feathers. 
 Princess Lea paper wig.
 Paper twist updo. 
 Marilyn Monroe paper wig.
 3' tall paper powdered wig.
 Top bun paper wig.
 Carnival headdress and costume for Macy's San Francisco 2012 annual Flower Show. Theme: Brazilia.
 "Parrot girl" for Macy's San Francisco annual 2012 Flower Show. Headdress and removable shoulder piece.
 Various wigs being worn at Global Shop trade show. Las Vegas, NV.
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