Life-size Afghan Hound created from hand cut silver lame. Hand-carved foam underbody. 
 Sliver life-size standard french poodle made of Brillo pads and carved foam.
 Life-size standard poodle made of black tissue paper and foam. Labrador made of shredded book pages.
 Hand carved life size foam bunnies, covered in flocking. 
 Life size paper cockatoo. 
 lifesize Yorkie, Made of ostrich feathers.
 Lifesize terrier made of shredded book pages.
 Life size chipboard collapsible deer trophy head.
 Assorted dogs for Global Shop trade show, Las Vegas NV.
 Layered cardboard birds, covered in glitter.
 Posable hand cut paper birds flying though the trees of the South Coast Botanical Gardens.
 Paper koi fish.
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